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My Name is Phesia Williams
I am a Life Coach.

 I am a faith-filled personal development junkie. My faith has allowed me to pick myself back up from heartache, divorce, loneliness, rejection from family members and friends, and even from a job that let me go. I have encountered a multitude of disappointments in my lifetime. I explored more of who I was during these setbacks. I discovered I was doing a lot of people-pleasing, I did not see my worth in relationships, and I believed the lie that I was not good enough or smart enough to go after certain opportunities. I realized, though, that I could not operate this way anymore, and it was costing too much of my life and my happiness. I learned to see that all these disappointments were not happening to me but rather happening for me. The disappointments were my push to keep showing up for myself and for the people I'm called to serve. Resiliency is one of my superpowers; I had not even realized it.

I can adapt to change very quickly, but I have learned that not everyone can, which brings me to you.

I decided that far too many people in this world are struggling with disappointments and allowing that to affect their happiness. I realized that if many people knew how to clear the fog and do the work to build themselves back up from their disappointments, they would, but many people don't have the tools to know where to start.

I started studying personal development and learning to understand why people react to certain situations the way they do. It all begins with our thought process. Our thought process is the difference between pain and pleasure, and if we can learn to manage the pain, we can learn to keep it pleasant.

In 2018, I studied life coaching and learned the necessary skills to help individuals see beyond their belief systems and reach their desired goals. My 1:1 coaching is designed for individuals who want to seek change in their lives and are willing to do the necessary work to create a more fulfilling life.

If you are ready to make that change today, book a consultation to see if we are a good fit for one another.

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