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My Name is Phesia,

and I am a Life Coach.

I help guide single women and heartbroken women thrive on their path of self-discovery to reach wholeness and self-love. 


The experince that led me to coaching is when my heart was broken after my engagement had to be called off from a man I loved more than I loved myself.  I did so much to keep this man that I lost sight of who I was and who I was not. That breakup caused me so much pain that it made me doubt on so many levels the woman that I was. Through my faith and my willingness to grow, I began to do some self-discovery on myself and realized I played parts in that break-up. I learned that the love for myself needed lots of work and if I wanted to ever be in a healthy relationship again I would need to move past my own pain and learn what it truly means to have self-love. This self-discovery has now led me to you.


My goal is to walk with you on your journey of learning yourself and healing so that you will see the power in loving yourself so that you can walk in your singleness boldly and confidently.

If you are ready to move past the pain and regain your heart, and I mean really ready to move past the pain.  I am ready to partner with you on this journey.


DISCLAIMER:  I am not a therapist, I recommend if you believe you need therapy then you should seek services from a Licensed Therapist. 

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